Fatsia Japonica (Aralia Sieboldi)

Originating from Japan and Korea, these dramatic looking tropical shrubs have a glossy dark green color and deep lobed leaves. Bonus: they grow year round here!

Where They Do Well:

They like shady areas and look great in containers, entryways, borders, and patios. Your Fatsia Japonica prefers bright indirect light when grown indoors. It can also tolerate a few hours of direct sunlight through window as well, but make sure you protect it from high temperatures by placing in shaded spots during hot times or water often so that roots don’t rot!


Fatsia Japonica plants require regular watering. If you see yellow leaves, add a little iron it it’s soil. These plants can really show off their stuff when you thin them out once in a while. You might even see a flower or fruit on them. Water your plants 50-75% dry prior potting soil with enough room around each root ball so that they have ample space without being crowded