Hollywood Juniper (Juniperus Chinensis Torulosa)

There may be more species of the Juniper than any other plant. This particular species lives in the shrub family and is known for its unique, irregular appearance. They attract a plethora of birds and need very little maintenance. Its beautiful foliage adds ageless charm when planted in a traditional landscape or helps highlight modern garden designs.

Where They Do Well:

They are fantastic in almost any setting. Hollywood Junipers can withstand full sunlight or lack thereof, and is a sturdy shrub resistant to most weather conditions that we get in San Francisco. If you are looking to add some life and texture to your outdoor living space, the Hollywood Juniper tree is an excellent choice for both novice and expert gardeners alike. This graceful evergreen offers year-round beauty that can’t be found in annuals or perennials; its lush foliage provides color and dimension—even in the colder months.


Watering is minimal with this shrub. You’ll need to trim it every now and them if you want to keep the size down. Homeowners have found success with this hardy yet forgiving evergreen, thanks to its low maintenance needs and ability to thrive even when conditions are less than ideal.