Xeriscaping (Drought-Tolerant Landscaping) in San Francisco

San Francisco Xeriscaping & Drought Tolerant Landscaping

With the limited rainfall in San Francisco these past years, everyone is considering drought-tolerant landscaping improvement projects but is concerned about how it will affect new installations and the aesthetics of their space.

Having worked in the previous droughts of past decades, we can implement a drought-tolerant landscaping design that relies on minimal or no water use. As technologies and systems advance, we can incorporate these innovative products for a green and water-wise landscape.

Our Partners and Water-wise Systems

We work closely with The Urban Farmer Store, Ewing Irrigation, and Broadmoor Landscape to design and acquire the following systems suited for your installation.

  • Hunter Solar Sync smart irrigation controllers. These controllers measure on-site rainfall, sunlight, and ambient temperature and adjust the water run time automatically. They can save between 20-50 percent on water usage.
  • Drip irrigation systems. These systems are installed with the utmost efficiency by concentrating water on each individual drought-tolerant plant via emitters.
  • Rain/gray water harvesting. These systems use above and underground tanks to store rainwater collected from your roof and other relatively clean water from other sources and distributed it to your landscape as needed. Not only do these systems save water they also keep water out of the San Francisco sewer system, reducing the chemicals needed to treat its waters. They conserve energy by reducing the volume of water needed to be transported from far away. We work with The Urban Farmer Store in acquiring the right products for your installation.
  • We can incorporate artificial turf into the overall design of your project. Artificial turf has come a long way since 20 years ago. Not only do they look genuinely real, but they also are durable, and require no maintenance and zero water. We work with Broadmoor Landscape Supplies in acquiring the right artificial turf to meet your needs.
  • Our Japanese rock gardens are installed with feature boulders and other hardscaping elements with minimal plants for a clean serene effect.
  • Incorporate a water-wise water feature into the project as a stunning and tranquil focal point. Our designs use little to no water with built-in reservoirs recirculating the water.

By utilizing these concepts, Tamate Landscaping can design a very water-efficient, interesting and green, drought-resistant landscape for any project in San Francisco. Contact us today for a consultation.