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Why Retaining Walls In San Francisco?

Retaining walls are an important part of the landscape in San Francisco. They can be used to prevent erosion, to level a sloped yard, or to create additional terraces for planting.

These walls can be made from various materials, including stone, brick, concrete, and wood. In addition, there are several different types of retaining walls, such as gravity walls, cantilevered walls, and anchored walls.

When you build them correctly, you create walls of plants, natural stones, bricks, wood, steel that are an attractive addition to any landscape, and the fact they increase the value of your property, isn’t a bad deal. It’s a win, win all around.

Featured Retaining Wall Design and Installation Projects

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At Tamate Landscaping, we take pride in the stunning retaining wall designs we create for our clients throughout San Francisco. Our owner, Paul Tamate, has over 25 years of experience in creating retaining walls with aesthetically pleasing features. Unique materials, additional water features, and multiple levels all go into developing beautiful outdoor living spaces.

Paul’s deep knowledge and understanding of Asian landscape architecture and design has been shaped by his extensive travels to Japan and other Asian countries. Browse our portfolio to see examples of our work in the San Francisco area and get inspired for your own retaining wall design project.

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For San Francisco residents, retaining wall design and installation offer an attractive solution to the challenge of unstable and/or sloped terrains.

However, landscaped slopes are not only designed to prevent soil erosion and landslides. They can also extend the square footage of your yard/garden, transforming constrained nooks into welcoming spaces suitable for relaxing, entertaining, or simply being. This is known as landscape terracing.

The space created by a landscape terracing can be used to create (or expand) a patio, path, garden, deck, driveway, or any construction that requires a flat surface.

Key Points for Retaining Wall Installation

As the name suggests, retaining walls “retain” a wedge of soil and, when properly designed and installed, counteract the tendency of that soil to move down slope due to gravity or “lateral earth pressure”. Earth pressure can push a retaining wall forward or overturn it when improperly installed.

If there is groundwater behind the wall it must be dissipated by a drainage system or it can cause hydrostatic pressure to build on the wall. You can design and install a retaining wall to retain water, to be self-draining, or can be designed with drainage systems behind them, to reduce pressure on the wall, thereby improving the stability of the material (soil) behind the wall.

Any retaining wall over 4’ will require permits from San Francisco’s Department of Building Inspections (DBI). Tamate Landscaping works closely with architects, engineers, and the appropriate personnel at the DBI to ensure retaining wall projects are designed and executed efficiently and with the appropriate permits to fulfill the city’s stringent requirements.

Add Extra Space to Your Outdoor Living

Retaining walls are an aesthetically pleasing way to create more outdoor living space while reinforcing a pre-existing retaining wall system.

In San Francisco, where our microclimate is perfect for outdoor living, large planters and a variety of textures can be added to add character and charm. Natural stones are particularly popular in San Francisco because they fit in with the natural beauty of our city.

Tamate Landscaping brings over 25 years of experience in designing and installing retaining walls under myriad conditions to create structures that are sustainable, elegant, and enjoyable for years to come.

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