Creating Unique Gardens: Beauty and Function in Outdoor Spaces

Homeowners in San Francisco take pride in making their outdoor and indoor spaces beautiful, practical, and unique…

Japanese Garden Elements for a Serene Oasis

Are you looking to create a beautiful outdoor oasis in your own home? Japanese gardens are renowned for creating an atmosphere of serenity by combining rocks, water and plants into harmonious scenes of beauty.

Tricky Artificial Turf Installation in San Francisco

Are you considering installing artificial turf in your front or back yard? While it might sound like a fairly straightforward task, the process of having artificial turf installed in San Francisco can be tricky due to hilly topography and strict zoning regulations.

Backyard Transformation with Retaining Walls, Stairs, and Decks

Are you looking for ways to increase your outdoor living space in San Francisco? Retaining walls, stairs, and decks could be the very answer you’re searching for!

5 Elements Used in Japanese Gardens

Japanese gardens have a centuries-old tradition of creating harmony between the natural world and human beings. They are characterized by certain aesthetic and symbolic elements, which can be seen in many gardens across Japan.

Tranquil and Sustainable Landscapes that Add Value to Your Home

Are you looking to create a tranquil and sustainable landscape that both beautifies your home and adds value? You’re in luck – Tamate landscaping has the perfect solution.

Beautify Your Curb Appeal with a Driveway Landscape

Having a driveway landscape that is well-designed and maintained can add to your home’s value and make it more inviting to guests.

LED Fixtures Can Save You Money

You’re probably familiar with LED lights – they’re becoming increasingly popular as a more energy-efficient alternative to traditional light bulbs.

Going Permeable—Water Wise Ways

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With California’s limited water supply, any modest water savings can help. Permeable surfaces decrease stormwater and irrigation run-off by passing through these surfaces and into the nearby ground and plants.

Four Materials We Use For Retaining Walls In San Francisco

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Retaining walls help to stabilize slopes and prevent soil erosion. They can also be used to create level areas in a sloped yard, or to define different areas within a landscape.