Outdoor Lighting Design & Installation San Francisco

Lighting Up the Night: San Francisco Outdoor Lighting Installation 

The enchanted garden is an elusive quarry in a town where square footage is a precious commodity.  To create a sense of elongation and expansiveness, Paul Tamate thoroughly confers with each client and immerses himself in the designated space, to discover how best to create a retreat that the client will enjoy for years to come.  Paul’s years of travels to Japan and study of Asian architecture – renowned the world over for its simplicity and minimalistic elegance – come through in spectacular exterior scapes that clients (and their guests) rave about.  Making sanctuaries and sacred places out of limited spaces is Paul’s specialty.

There is an array of types, sizes, and finishes of lighting fixtures, such as LED lighting, photo-cell automatic light controls, energy-efficient (low-voltage), and landscape lighting.  To choose the appropriate lamp and fixture for your project, the following is a summary of some of the more common lamps you might choose from:

Low-Voltage Outdoor Landscape Lighting

  • Energy efficient
  • Emit more light than standard bulbs
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Flexible and easy installation – can be moved as garden changes
  • Suitable for standalone fixtures to small city gardens

LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting

  • Last up to 20 years
  • Reach full brightness immediately
  • Do not radiate infrared or ultraviolet light or contain mercury
  • Use a fraction of the electricity of standard bulbs

Photo-Cell Automatic Light Control

  • Indoor and outdoor controls are available
  • Automatically turns lights on at dawn and off at dusk
  • Can be adjusted for light sensitivity

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

  • Uplights shoot light upwards, creating a dramatic effect for trees, shrubs, or other garden elements
  • Path lights are used to illuminate walkways, enhancing their beauty, while making them safe at night
  • Spotlights are often used to create light cascades over sculptures, water, and architectural features
  • Backlighting and wall-washing floodlights create stunning silhouettes, shadows, and textures, that elevate the mood of a garden

San Francisco is famous for its fog and the marine layer that hovers over its picturesque mountain ranges, which bring both atmosphere and moisture to its environs.  That moisture can also erode outdoor landscaping light fixtures, which makes working with an experienced, Bay Area native, such as Paul Tamate, essential to installing landscape lighting that will both create an indelible presence in your garden and resist the ravages of our particular climate.

For outdoor lighting installation that compliments your beautiful San Francisco landscape, contact Tamate Landscaping.