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Patios and decks come in a variety of sizes and styles, from the simple and serene, to the sophisticated and complex.  Each with its own personality and purpose.   Patios are outdoor spaces adjoining a residence and are typically paved with concrete or stone.  Decks create an elevated space or extend an area to create an arena of peace, an oasis of calm.  Decks and patios are designed to provide an outdoor extension of the dining or living room, ideal for entertaining friends or enjoying a quiet night at home.   Typically, patio construction materials are concrete or stone, but can be made with other durable materials, such as brick, block paving, tile, or paving stones or cobbles.  Patios and decks designs can be covered, screened and incorporate heating lamps or a fire pit, to allow for enjoyment year-round and in any climate.

A unique opportunity for Tamate Landscaping appeared in the form of a request to create an unusual garden behind a San Francisco Mission district Victorian.  The building is the only residence in a sea of industrial buildings and the backyard lacked the charm and grace of its adjoining home.  The vision was to create an oasis – both visually and aurally – from the grit and grime that surrounded the property, and to do so in a highly constrained space.   Tamate Landscaping began working with a dusty plot of land with a spray of unkempt trees and integrated an outdoor sauna, a large fishpond with fountain, and a paved patio space that bridged the tranquility of a Japanese Tea Garden with the clean lines of industrial design.

No expense was spared.  Everything was custom built, from concrete step-stone pavers, cedar decks and fences, to steel planters.  The final product was a complete success: creating a refuge from the commercial aspects of the neighboring structures.  The patio is a stand-alone achievement, creating a platform for rest and play that belies the limitation of the yard’s scale.

Tamate Landscaping has worked with every type of deck and patio.  Tamate Landscaping works closely with architects, engineers, and the appropriate personnel at the DBI to ensure that projects are designed and executed efficiently and with the appropriate permits to fulfill the city’s stringent requirements and comply with all applicable city codes. Contact us today for a free estimate on your patio or deck project.