“Dear Paul,

Bill and I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we are enjoying our new garden and to thank you for a job well done. The plants are coming in nicely, especially now that I’ve loaded my arsenal with snail bait. The neighbors are pleased since they now get to look out on something interesting and pretty instead of a jungle.

For our part, we are very much looking forward to getting the fountain hooked up with a light. Thanks in advance for being so helpful with that particular change order — it will be a very cool effect. Sorry we didn’t think of it earlier.

Thank you also for all the tips on how to take care of a garden. I am a total newbie to gardening, as you know, so I’m pretty sure you have saved me making some rookie mistakes along the way.

At any rate, Paul, we would by happy to act as references for you going forward. We feel we can speak very knowledgeable about your ability to install an unusual hardscape design requiring a fair amount of precision in execution. We also can speak to your professionalism and conscientiousness.”

– Lori R. July 2001

“Paul Tamate of Tamate Landscaping created a beautiful Japanese garden in our back yard. With a limited budget, I expressed a desire to have a natural looking Japanese garden with a small pond and waterfall. It was amazing what Mr. Tamate did with the selection and placement of rocks, pebbles and plants.

I now look out into a calming, serene, and peaceful Japanese garden through the French door of the breakfast nook. I am very pleased with the work done by Mr. Tamate.”

– Ko T.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the incredible job you have done with our back yard. You have taken our vision and made it a reality. Thanks to you and your crew, we now have a yard that invites our friends and family into it. Before we had a great yard but it wasn’t very functional. The previous pond was in the center of the yard and was hard to see from the deck but now, WOW! What a view. Our friends and family are amazed by the before and after of our yard. Our neighbors are constantly mesmerized by the waterfall and pond, especially the lighting. At night the yard takes on a whole different aura. One of our neighbors even said that our yard looks like a garden at one of those nice resorts in Hawaii or a movie set.

We would like to also thank you so much for being opened minded about the thousands of questions we bombarded you with on a daily basis. It takes great patience to work on a site while the owners are home all the time. You made us feel like we could talk to you about any ideas and changes.

You are the best and we would recommend you to anyone. Your knowledge about Koi really impressed us and this is one of the reasons we hired you. The job was done in such a timely manner. This alone amazed us. It was like you were there and then gone! Paul, thanks for adding to our living space. It has opened up a complete new world for us and our friends and family. We would highly recommend your services to anyone.”

Thank you so much,

– Jeffrey & Jeffery, October 2001

“Hi Paul,

Susan and I would like to express our most heartfelt gratitude to you and your dedicated crew: you transformed, through toil and vision, a dilapidated, forgotten plot of earth and weed into an instantly cherished, private sanctuary. From your initial assessment, you confidently held that the potentially problematic features of the yard – its eroded slope and rocky outcroppings – what Susan and I long accepted as aesthetic and property value liabilities, could actually lend a unique, artful texture to the finished project. The completed work is testimony to your vision.

Your attention to detail is second to none. Your dedicated presence on the job site was very reassuring, as was your amenability to comment and suggestions. The little touches: Emily and Samantha’s paw print cast, shoring up the neighbor’s stairs for the sake of their dog’s safety, and the extra water outlet were simply beyond our expectations. We know that you will continue to be successful at your craft and we wish you good health; that you may continue to do that which you truly love!

Please do not hesitate to utilize us as a reference; we would be honored. Take care, and all our best to Rocky and Family.”

Kindest Regards,

– Rickey and Susan. July 2005

“Paul Tamate worked with me and my husband Gilles to create an unusual garden behind our Mission district Victorian. Our building is the only residence in an industrial block. The small backyard is in a sort of “well” created by warehouses on three sides of the property. When we began, the area was an empty, dusty plot with a couple of tall, unkempt trees along the back fence. Our vision was of an urban oasis filled with shade-loving plants at various levels, in a style that would complement the industrial quality of the site. Our landscape goals were an outdoor sauna, a large fishpond with a fountain, and a paved patio space. Paul Tamate executed our vision beyond expectations. He worked with us from sketch to final product on the concrete pond that is now the heart of the garden. His expertise was invaluable and he was willing to stretch to execute the modern sculptural form we desired. An unexpected benefit is that the sound of falling water masks industrial noise. The paved patio has performed beautifully thanks to Mr. Tamate’s experience in ensuring proper drainage. One reason the garden design is so successful is its play with scale. Although the space is small, large elements such as the water feature and the fine stand of timber bamboo in a corner (25 ft tall and growing) create drama and make the garden seem more spacious. Paul Tamate Landscaping was highly efficient and delivered this project at a very reasonable cost. I heartily recommend Mr. Tamate and his team.”

“You and your men have done a terrific job creating a beautiful garden for us. It is really a work of art and you are an artist. I also appreciate how accommodating you have been to my ideas since I have been dreaming about a Japanese garden for twenty years. Now that dream has come true thanks to you!”


– Best Wishes, Paul Feyling. May 21, 2007

“Renovating our backyard had been a stressful and emotional journey from the word go. After weeks of unfortunate delays we found ourselves without a contractor and a demolished yard that looked more like a war zone than an extension of our home.

However, upon meeting Paul Tamate and discussing our plans, we knew our project was in the perfect hands. Paul and his crew not only have an incredibly strong work ethic, which shows in the quality of construction, but they are more than conscientious of the fact they are working in someone’s home and take care to treat it, and their clients, with the utmost respect.

Our yard presented more than it’s share of complications all of which were resolved with speed and ease resulting in our projects on time completion. To say we are thrilled with the final product is an understatement. Our big pile of sand is now a stunning yard that really has extended our living space and immeasurably added to our home. Thank you so much Paul!”

– Sheree, Mark, Spencer, Ainsley, and Charlie (woof) Pirie

“Paul Tamate is professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. What else do you need to know about someone working on your house? He did excellent work on my backyard and his price was more than fair. Throughout he was very helpful in letting me know what my options were for ground cover, design, etc. When he was done he even left us with plenty of good information and recommendations on maintenance and future planning. To top things off, he is a very cool guy who I wouldn’t mind just hanging out with and he has an even better dog. I honestly could not be more satisfied with Paul. Stop thinking and hire him for your job!”

A Google User – Overall 3 / 3 – Review on Google Places

“Paul was great. His design was perfect for our yard and the one change we requested was incorporated with ease. He was on time, on budget, professional, and very easy to work with. We love our garden. -Reid Brennen”

A Google User – Overall 3 / 3 – Review on Google Places

“Paul Tamate & his crew performed a miracle on our hillside earlier this year. The very steep, consequently unused space has been transformed into a multi-level garden with a hideaway lower deck and newly restored views. Paul helped me envision the changes needed and made a couple of adjustments after work had begun graciously & promptly. Paul’s suggestion to use a spiral staircase to the lower level – offset from the edge of the upper deck – resulted in no loss of current deck space. It is an attractive addition to the whole project. We highly recomment Tamate Landscaping – they know how to tame San Francisco’s hills! Connie Little”

A Google User – Overall 3 / 3 – Review on Google Places

“Paul and his team did not only an amazing job on our backyard, but did it with lightening speed. He really understood our vision for what we wanted and worked efficiently to get our project going. He communicates well and really tries to work with people on an individual basis. He was very responsive and we really liked his no frills approach. Just get in and get ‘er done! He worked with us on pricing and was never pushy– he tends to give you lots of options and tells you honestly what the pros and cons of each are. He is able to explain things in a way that everyone can understand. Overall, I would highly recommend Paul and his team to anyone looking for landscaping and design work… that is, if you want your project to go along smoothly and efficiently. Would happily work with him in the future.”

A Google User – Overall 3 / 3 – Review on Google Places

“Artistic, attentive and accommodating. My wife found Paul when she saw a project he had done in our neighborhood (Sunset). After meeting with us, he presented a plan that was artistic and in line with our preference for Asian-inspired design. He was attentive to every detail, both in the construction and design. He helped us focus on practical, easy to maintain features. He was also very accommodating when we asked him to keep within our budget. He was also excellent when we had questions or needed follow up. Since he did our front landscaping, we have had numerous compliments. We’re now ready to do the second part of our project and he remembered details and discussions we had much earlier! We highly recommend Paul!”

A Google User – Overall 3 / 3 – Review on Google Places

“Paul is one of the most reliable, organized and efficient contractors I have worked with–his projects have always come in on time and on budget. He’s worked on two back yard projects for me over the years. The scope of his skills is pretty amazing–he did a total makeover of one yard to create a beautiful and kid-friendly space, he’s built a Victorian-style porch and deck requiring detailed wood craftsmanship, and he’s restored a historic 100-year old marble pool and fountain to working condition. Above all, Paul takes great pride in his work from the care he puts into design and plant selection to how he leaves the work site each night. It’s hard to find a professional as responsive to customer needs as is Paul and his crew.”

A Google User – Overall 3 / 3 – Review on Google Places

“Paul listens to you, he integrets your desire with his design vision, voila, a fabulous job finished in speed time. He and his crew leave no trace of being here (we don’t have to clean up after them) We are very pleased with his work. Will recommend to anyone in San Francisco (he won’t work outside of SF) Tks Paul.”

A Google User – Overall 3 / 3 – Review on Google Places

“If I could rate Paul more highly than 5 stars I would. every aspect of his work is fantastic: design, execution, cost, speed, etc. he incorporated my thoughts and direction, but created something so much nicer than I had imagined. i look forward to just sitting in my backyard, by the koi pond (speaking of which, Paul is very knowledgeable with regards to ponds and water features). highly recommended.”

A Google User – Overall 3 / 3 – Review on Google Places

“The landscaping service pretty good. Punctual crew and attentive to my desires.”

A Google User – Overall 3 / 3 – Review on Google Places

“Paul did an amazing job on our backyard. I have done a few big construction projects and there are only a few people whom I would work with again. Paul is one of them for many reasons, a few of which I’ll go into detail here. 1) Honest – He will give you an honest opinion about the best solution that will fit your budget and needs. He won’t try to upsell you simply to make more money. I let him turn our pile of dirt into a beautiful backyard while we were on vacation out of the country. He sent me pictures as he progressed, and when I got back everything was finished and cleaned up. There was no need to supervise him in order to make sure the job got done right. 2) Creative and knowledgeable designer – I was inspired by his beautiful portfolio on his website, and I’m glad I contacted him. I did not hire a landscape architect but Paul was able to transform my wishes into a beautiful back yard – on time, on budget, and with a low-maintenance, practical solution. He knows his plants very well and was able to choose plants that are continuing to thrive in my sun-less backyard. He was flexible when there were a couple of his plant choices I didn’t like and gave me several other options. He is also an expert on water features – We were committed to putting a waterfall in our backyard, and this is one of Paul’s specialties. (Again, check out his website!) 3) On time and on budget- what more is there to say. I have worked with many subcontractors and this very rarely happens. 4) Nice to work with – While he likes to get the job done well and on time, he is a pleasure to work with. He will go out of his way to fit your needs. I interviewed a half dozen landscapers/gardeners, and I am glad we went with Paul.” -Jennifer Quan

A Google User – Overall 3 / 3 – Review on Google Places

“Great landscaping experience! We explained to Paul what we’d like using a not-to-scale drawing. Paul made great suggestions. We went with almost all of of his improvements to our ideas and all his material recommendations. The workmanship is high quality/top-notch…better than past experience with other companies.

We are very satisfied! We recommend Paul for your landscaping needs.”

Frank T. – San Francisco, CA – Unfiltered Review From Yelp

“Paul just completed a project for me yesterday, and I am thrilled with every aspect of my experience as his customer. He responded immediately to an e-mail inquiry. He came to inspect the site and provided an (competitive and fair) estimate quickly. He answered my questions and revised as necessary, and then he completed the whole project in exactly the timeline he stated (just 4 days, almost a miracle), and the results are fantastic. He has a distinctive capability when it comes to asian influenced design, and manages to source and move some incredible rocks for his gardens (mine included a 900lb boulder). My project involved a complete tear out of my back yard, and the replacement of a deck railing and a set of wooden stairs. I now have a gorgeous lawn, a japanese rock garden, a stand of bamboo, and a deck I’m not afraid of my 3-year-old falling off of. He installed an automatic irrigation system, and even added some additional touches that weren’t in the contract. Paul was accessible, responsive, and on site every day of the project. I recommend him highly, without reservation, and if you’re interested in rock gardens, water features, or japanese-style garden design, you shouldn’t look anywhere else.”

Alder Y. – San Francisco, CA – Unfiltered Review From Yelp

“Paul completed our landscaping project two years ago . He was flexible with ideas and helped us select proper plants and features for our front and back Japanese styled garden featuring trellis, fencing, bench seating, water feature, stone patio, outdoor lighting and storage shed. We decided to replace our original 60 year old cast-iron sanitary drain line and copper domestic water from the garage to the street during the front landscaping work. Paul connected us with a plumber so we could do the work before landscaping the front yard. Paul advised us to pull City permits for plumbing and landscaping to minimize concern issues with our neighbors. Paul sketched up a simple site plan for us to include in the permit application which expedited the permit. The front and back was done in a month during winter which is quick considering the permits and inspections required and working around wet days. The workers were courteous and cleaned the site everyday. The craftsmanship was outstanding. We used to have water sitting at our front gate which was eliminated with new landscaping and drainage. The layout of the stone patio and brick pavement was unique. Our neighbors walk the neighborhood day and night compliment us on the front landscaped work and outdoor lighting. Two years later, our plants have matured and filled in nicely. Paul did come by to visit at our request and helped us change out a hard to reach light bulb in the outdoor lighting.”

John L. – San Francisco, CA – Filtered Review From Yelp

“We engaged Tamate Landscaping to tame our steep hill behind the house after seeing some examples of hill work on his lovely website: http://www.TamateLands…
Paul Tamate visited to view the slope, elicit what I only vaguely envisioned & plan the project.
The entire project consisted of 4 retaining walls, a wooden staircase connecting the walls with a handrail for safety. The existing street level deck was connected a new lower deck by means of a galvanized steel spiral staircase – Paul’s idea – it is practical and visually engaging as well.
The Tamate Landscaping crew was on site & ready to go every morning with virtually no delays except for the fabrication & delivery of the spiral stairs which came from an out-of-state vendor.
I highly recommend Tamate Landscaping and commend Paul Tamate & his crew!
Connie Little”

Connie L. – San Francisco, CA – Filtered Review From Yelp

“You’re looking for a landscaper? I *HIGHLY* recommend Tamate landscaping.
Paul Tamate is a great guy, very professional, and knowledgeable. My backyard was a mess and in about a week, for a fair price, he and his team were able to get it straightened out.
Now, the back of my house is not an eyesore along Alemaney, AND it will not erode away (most of the ‘yard’ is a steep slope), AND he shored up my previously rickety deck, AND he picked out some amazing trees for the front of my house.
Paul is a great guy, at least have him come by for a quote. You will not regret it.”

Albert D. – San Francisco, CA – Filtered Review From Yelp

“A serene Japanese garden filled with good chi is what Paul Tamate and his crew created for us in just seventeen days! After decades of problems developing our front yard because of shade from tall buildings, a driveway made for model T’s, cracked century old concrete, poor drainage and a failing fence, we were gifted with Paul who designed and installed a gorgeous Japanese style redwood fence, an eyepleasing and strong concrete paver driveway, well placed Sonoma rocks, stone lantern, water feature, a sinuous pathway and patios of quartzite, automatic irrigation system and night lights. The garden showcases our beloved ancient “bonsai” juniper and an old, bent rosemary tree, and all of Paul’s choices for new plants are excellent.

We no longer have a drainage problem, and Paul laid two pipes underground in anticipation of electric and cables changes in the near future.

We are very pleased with our garden and recommend Tamate Landscaping without reservation. His hardworking crew also deserves accolades. We smile whenever we enter our lovely garden. And our neighbors do too.”

katsuko k. – San Francisco, CA – Filtered Review From Yelp

“After a couple of bad experiences with landscapers, we discovered Tamate Landscaping. Wow. There’s not too much I expect… although I do want contractors who work on our house to do two things: 1) listen to what we want, and 2) execute. Paul Tamate did both. We have a great patio at our condo in the Mission that we really wanted to create a distinct extension of our living room, and it turned out spectacular. He listened to what we wanted, really followed through with our wants and needs, and delivered a work product that is an Asian-themed, calming extension of our indoor space. The plants selected, work performed, and design were all efficiently performed according to the estimate. All in all, a project was delivered, with both aesthetic and practicality in mind. We would highly recommend Tamate to anyone!”

B Y. – San Francisco, CA – Filtered Review From Yelp

“If you are looking for a highly professional, extremely knowledgeable, dependable, can-do landscaper, it’s Paul! He drew up a beautiful design for us, worked within our budget and the outcome is a dream come true! He transformed the yard by removing an old deck and opened up the yard with a beautiful flagstone patio and pathway, a curved bench for BBQ-ing and spacious veggie gardens! He made every effort to please, communicating with us throughout the project and asked us for feedback along the way. He’s interested in what you want and will offer his expertise honestly. He walks the talk genuinely, so we had absolutely no worries. Paul and his crew came promptly each day, worked extremely hard and never left a mess. We are SO grateful and thankful for Paul – he has really been a gift to us. We are VERY happy and satisfied!!”

Adrienne D. – San Francisco, CA – Filtered Review From Yelp

“We had Tamate Landscaping fix up our yard this summer, and we couldn’t be happier. Paul Tamate is extremely professional, and he and his crew did a beautiful job. They were always prompt, clean, and nice. And his dog is really nice too! Paul is easy to discuss ideas with, and he even had us over to his own house to check out his garden and view different stone selections. He works really fast, so try to figure out what you want up-front, though he never complained when we wanted to make changes after the fact. Just a great experience all around.”

Bob R. – San Francisco, CA – Filtered Review From Yelp

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