Japanese Garden & Landscape Designers in San Francisco

Landscaper in San Francisco, Specializing in Japanese Garden Designs

We find our inspiration in the serenity of Asian and Japanese garden designs — the subtle interplay between shade and light, stone and plants, dense plantings and open space. Our solutions meet the needs of clients who are seeking tranquility in their San Francisco yards, a refuge from the hectic pace of their daily lives.

Our Landscaping Services

By integrating systems such as automated irrigation, outdoor lighting, firepits, and water features, we complete each Japanese garden design knowing that the client will derive maximum enjoyment from their garden, day or night, in all seasons, with minimum maintenance.   

Tamate Landscaping is fully licensed by the State of California and offers the following services:

Your Beautiful San Francisco Landscape Awaits

Tamate Landscaping specializes in creating beautiful landscapes with Asian and Japanese flair. From outdoor lighting to custom stonework and drought-tolerant landscapes to stunning koi ponds, we have the expertise to design and install your dream outdoor living space.

For a free estimate, contact our skilled landscaper in San Francisco, experienced in Japanese Garden design, water features such as Koi ponds, practical and decorative retaining walls, and more.