Green Construction

At Tamate Landscaping, we understand that reducing our carbon footprint is important for the environment. This is why we partner with excellent green construction companies who share our commitment to sustainability.

Working with these companies is not only good for the environment, but it’s also efficient and cost-effective. We’re proud to be doing our part to help preserve our planet for future generations.

Introducing Sustainable Practices into Your Landscape Maintenance

Adopting these five sustainable landscaping practices makes sure your garden is resilient and thriving.

The Future of Landscape Design: Sustainability Meets Aesthetics

Urban areas are growing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your green space. Learn about the future of landscape design, and how sustainability can still look beautiful

Design your Landscape to Maximize Space and Enhance Beauty

When it comes to designing your landscape, there are several factors to consider, including visual weight, focal point, texture, and color. It’s important to select plants that thrive in your climate and draw the eye with unique features, creating visual interest.

Front Yard and Backyard Makeover in Outer Sunset

This front yard and backyard makeover project encompassed both carpentry, hardscaping, and plants, including: custom redwood bench, pergola, fire pit, black basalt patio, redwood facing of backyard planter, front yard raised planters, installation of 60+ plants, boulders, auto drip irrigation, and high-end lighting system.

Boulder Wall Makeover and Dry Creek

With this project in the St. Francis Woods neighborhood of San Francisco, our team was able to successfully update a boulder wall and incorporate a dry creek feature that enhanced the entire space with natural beauty.

Tricky Artificial Turf Installation in San Francisco

Are you considering installing artificial turf in your front or back yard? While it might sound like a fairly straightforward task, the process of having artificial turf installed in San Francisco can be tricky due to hilly topography and strict zoning regulations.

Going Permeable—Water Wise Ways

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With California’s limited water supply, any modest water savings can help. Permeable surfaces decrease stormwater and irrigation run-off by passing through these surfaces and into the nearby ground and plants.

Green Construction: Metal Recycling

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Yet another green facility in our responsible landscape operation is Circosta Iron and Metal Company.  During the demo phase of our projects, we often run into all kinds of old metal fences, rebar, pipes, furniture etc.  Instead of bringing it to landfills, we’ll sort it and recycle it.  Below you see our truck on the scale prior to unloading.

Green Construction: Sustainable Crushing

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Today, there are green construction methods that are not only more environmentally friendly, but also more efficient.

Green Construction: Greens Recycling

As the world looks to reduce its carbon footprint and become more eco-friendly, green construction is becoming a popular choice for new build projects.

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