So, You Have a Retaining Wall to Plant

Natural stone landscaping in home garden with stairs and retaining walls

Have you ever planted something in what looked like fabulously rich ground, only to find a sickly-looking sample later? What happened? Why did it die? And what does this have to do with planting a retaining wall?

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Green Construction: Metal Recycling

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Yet another green facility in our responsible landscape operation is Circosta Iron and Metal Company.  During the demo phase of our projects, we often run into all kinds of old metal fences, rebar, pipes, furniture etc.  Instead of bringing it to landfills, we’ll sort it and recycle it.  Below you see our truck on the scale prior to unloading.

Green Construction: Sustainable Crushing

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Below is Recology’s Sustainable Crushing, another green facility that Tamate landscaping utilizes.  This operation is only known to tradesman,  and is hidden in the Bayview.  Heres the only sign they have, no address or phone number.  They crush and recycle concrete and sell it back to contractors and concrete mixing companies.


Here we are dumping our load.  In the background is the conveyor for the massive crushing machine.

Green Construction: Greens Recycling

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Another recycling company that we frequent is Bayview Greenwaste Management company.  They are the epitome of GREEN Recycling and we just love them. As you may know, green waste such as plants, weeds etc., that are the byproducts of our excavation on new projects,  breaks down in our landfills at an accelerated rate (as opposed to other waste) and produce methane gas, which is directly related to depleting our ozone layer.

We at Tamate Landscaping sort thru and gather all of our green waste and bring it to Bayview Greenwaste , which in turn grinds it up in a massive kitchen disposer type of machine and they send it back out as compost to condition the rocky or sandy soil that is so prevalent in San Francisco.  It’s really a “triple whammy” green company.  They help reduce methane emissions, keep debris out of our landfills and contribute to a more rich soil, plant growth and photosynthesis, which is our “air scrubber”.   Give them a try!

Below you see a photo of Greenwastes’ contact information, Tamate Landscaping dumping their load at Greenwaste and Greenwastes massive grinder.

Green Construction: Concrete Recycling

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At Tamate Landscaping we strive to be a responsible and contributing member of the community. From our commitment in terms of reducing our carbon footprint, to working tirelessly toward achieving sustainable practice by green construction techniques which harm no one for generations ahead! We take our responsibility to the environment seriously.

We take pride knowing that you can depend on us when it comes time for any landscaping needs- big or small; commercial grade sites with residential homes alike all call upon this company’s expertise so they are always ready– willing , and able.

At Tamate we understand that the landscaping industry has a significant impact on the environment, and we are committed to doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint.

We recycle our green waste and use sustainable materials when we can. We also use drought-tolerant plants to minimize water usage. In addition, we educate our clients about ways they can reduce their own carbon footprints.

By working together, we can make a difference in the fight against climate change. Little things, if done consistently add up and make a difference.

Here you see one of the recycling facilities that we deal with regularly. When we excavate concrete during the demolition phase of a project, we sort it and bring it to Baylands Soil Processing. They only take “clean” concrete so it must be sorted.

No bricks accepted. BSP then grinds up the concrete and resells it to us and others for use as base rock, drain rock and other construction materials. They are only 5 minutes south of San Francisco so using their services not only saves on our diesel cost but saves tons of diesel in general by not having un-recycled material trucked in from out of the area on big rigs.  In addition, it keeps the material out of our landfills.