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How to Turn Your San Francisco Backyard into a Japanese Garden Paradise

Japanese gardens have been a major part of culture in America for nearly a century and a half. However, they still remain a mystery for most people. Japanese gardens are among the most beautiful in the world. This is because these gardens start with the intent to induce a particular feeling. Today, landscape professionals design these amazing gardens around principles and guidelines that date back more than a thousand years.  Some of those guidelines include natural patterns of rock formations, […]

Contemporary Landscape Design: Building Around a Focal Point in Laurel Heights

While Laurel Heights may be known for its classic architecture and refined atmosphere, contemporary landscape design is alive and well here too.

Completed Project: Noe Valley Makeover 2013

Below is a photo of a rear yard in Noe Valley. We installed the lower deck and fences about 6 months ago and soon we’ll be going back to finish the landscaping. Included in the project will be a patio, stone planters, water feature, spiral stairs, curved bench/pergola, lighting, plants etc.

Completed Project: Water Feature in S. San Francisco

Adding a water feature to your home can bring both beauty and relaxation. If you live in San Francisco, you know that space is limited. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a stunning water feature right in your own backyard.

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