Egyptian Paper Reed (Cyperus Papyrus)

There’s a simple reason the Egyptian Paper Reed is popular in floral arrangements; they’re delicate and beautiful. This South African via Kauai native is a great addition to any landscaping or water feature.

Where They Do Well:

The Egyptian Paper Reed is rare, in that it can grow in full sunlight or full shade. It does require ample water, but can do quite well in pots or rich, moist soil. We’ll make sure that it’s in a position to receive the best nutrition and water possible. This beautiful grassy plant is native to Egypt, where it has been used for centuries in traditional crafts. Today, the paper reed is prized as an ornamental plant that adds a touch of exotic flair to any setting.


This plant requires ample water and some thinning out once overgrown. Aside from that, it takes very little care and can be enjoyed with ease. Papyrus thrives in an environment with afternoon shade and morning sun, but can withstand full sunlight as long it’s never allowed to dry out. It typically does not require fertilizing unless grown by itself or within a closed ecosystem such that fertilizer would be beneficial for container-grown plants.