Fern Pine - Podcarpus gracillor

Fern Pine (Podocarpus Gracillor)

Originating from Eastern Africa, these plants are described as the “cleanest, most pest-free” trees. They can grow in the form of trees or espalier, depending on whether they’re brought about from a seed or a trimming.

Where They Do Well:

These might be the chameleon’s of the plant world, adapting to environments as needed. You can put them on a trellis, or directly into the soil and stake them. They require a range from full sun to partial shade, but are quite sturdy in almost any situation.


The Fern Pine grows slow and steady, and require regular watering. You can also fertilize your new growth in early spring with an organic fertilizer specifically made for trees when they need extra nutrients or just want something good on their soil mix because this will help encourage strong roots which means faster growth rates all around