Fraser's Photinia

Fraser’s Photinia (Photinia Fraseri)

Fraser’s Photinia, sometimes referred to as the Birmingham variety, has a deep red and green color. During certain months, you may see delicate white flowers emerge, and clippings are always perfect for floral arrangements.

Where They Do Well:

They require full sun when possible, and don’t care for freezing temperatures. The Fraseri variety is also mildew and heat resistant, making maintenance that much easier. Photinia plants are often grown as an ornamental tree in yards across the US. These trees come with many advantages, like their ability to tolerate shade and provide well-drained soil that is perfect for growing these hardy flowers!


Fraser’s Photinia requires regular watering and pruning. They are prolific, so it’s important to control new growth. The key thing about Photinias though? You need regular pruning because overgrown branches will cause your plant’s growth rate reduce significantly–which could eventually lead them die off if left unchecked long enough (or just look messy).