Japanese Garden Juniper - Juniperus Procumbens Nana

Japanese Garden Juniper (Juniperus Procumbens Nana)

In contrast to the Hollywood Juniper, the Japanese Garden Juniper is of the groundcover variety. It’s feather, yet sturdy branches create a low-lying blue and green accent to your landscaping. This popular evergreen shrub features small foliage and slow growth, allowing it to remain the same size for years in any setting. Showcase its curves with pruning or let it reach its natural shape in a perennial bed; either way, this low-maintenance plant will bring beautiful form and texture to your yard while also improving air quality.

Where They Do Well:

Very similar to the shrub family, the Japanese Garden Juniper does well in most conditions, from full sunshine to none at all. It can be staked if you’d like to bring the height up a little, but shines when allowed to stay low. During hot spells and other dry periods, water as needed so the juniper stays uniformly hydrated throughout its growth cycle; plus you can shape your evergreen into whatever form suits your space by pruning from time to time!


Moderate water needed, and trimming to preferred size. Junipers are generously low-maintenance plants, especially if planted in nutrient-rich soil. Though they won’t need fertilizer under these conditions, it can be beneficial to give them an occasional boost with a spring feeding for those potted or stationed on less fertile ground.