Mexican Feather Grass - Stipa Tenuissima

Mexican Feather Grass (Stipa Tenuissima)

Virtually every landscape can do with some Mexican Feather Grass gracing it. This feathery looking ornamental grass adds a soft and colorful touch to its environment. Not only does this perennial plant grow in most places, it is drought tolerant which can save you time and effort in caring for it year round. Additionally, its subtle flowering spikes are complemented by soft foliage that sways gracefully with the wind – adding an ethereal feeling to any landscape!

Where They Do Well:

Enjoying the full sun, Mexican Feather Grass is a hearty species, despite it’s delicate look. For optimal condition moving forward, be sure to water it only when the weather is unusually dry – a little extra moisture can go a long way! When spring arrives anew each year, give your plant some TLC by cleaning up dead foliage before growth begins again.


This lush ornamental grass flourishes in full sun and well-drained soil, requiring weekly watering during its first growing season. Thereafter, it needs very little water. This self-sowing grass requires regular trimming to prevent invasiveness.