Japanese Red Maple (Acer Palmatum Atropurpureum )

AKA "Bloodgood"

Japanese Red Maples do quite well in our moderate San Francisco climate. It’s not hot enough here to burn the delicate leaves, and they don’t dry out from lack of moisture in the earth and air. With simple maintenance, these will be a great addition to your landscaping.

Where They Do Well:

This maple is a rarity, in that it does quite well in our Northern California climate. In Southern California, they’d burn, but Japanese Maples are quite happy with the limited sunshine and nice moderate temperatures we have in the city. With a little initial attention, Japanese maples can become resilient and hardy plants that require minimal upkeep.


Japanese Red Maples do quite well in the ground or in tubs and planters. Keep some thick organic mulch over its roots to keep it hydrated and happy. If you’re in an area with salty air, it’s good to flood (or “leach”) the soil to dilute the salt, preventing the leaves from burning. When young, proper structural pruning is key to ensure the longevity of their health and beauty—but beyond this simple step they’re sure to stand strong with no further fussing!