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San Francisco Plant Directory for Landscaping

These are plants that, from our experience, do well in San Francisco’s unique Mediterranean style micro-climate. This plant directory can help those living in San Francisco or in the Bay Area to search out many different styles of plants that are suitable for any landscaping project. Some plants are native to the San Francisco area while others are non-native but still thrive within the San Francisco area’s climate.

  • Asparagus Fern

    Asparagus Densiflorus

    These are also referred to as Foxtail Ferns, which makes sense once you get a look at them. Native to South Africa, these  ferns aren’t big fans of frost or severe cold. Our moderate climate is a great place for them to thrive.

  • Blue Fescue

    Festuca Glauca

    Originally from Europe, Blue Fescue has become a popular ornamental grass in Northern California. They can withstand a variety of weather conditions, and sometimes decide to show of their fancy flower.

  • Breath of Heaven

    Coleonema Pulchum

    Also referred to as the Pink Breath of Heaven, the name is as dramatic as the aroma of the leaves and flowers on this plant. These have a long season and bloom several months of the year. Take a sit down next to one, snap a stem off, and enjoy the smell.

  • Cape Rush

    Chondropetalum Tectorum

    This perennial makes a great addition to most landscaping projects in San Francisco. It’s a dramatic addition with great color and stamina.

  • Chinese Fringe Flower - Loropetalum chinense

    Chinese Fringe Flower

    Loropetalum Chinense

    This evergreen shrub makes a lovely subtle addition to your landscaping. The Chinese Fringe Flower, native to Japan and China, has small textured leaves and bloom primarily in Spring. Once in a while, you’ll see a sweet yellow leaf, adding a lovely touch of color to the bunch.

  • Egyptian Paper Reed

    Cyperus Papyrus

    There’s a simple reason the Egyptian Paper Reed is popular in floral arrangements; they’re delicate and beautiful. This South African via Kauai native is a great addition to any landscaping or water feature.

  • Fatsia Japonica

    Aralia Sieboldi

    Originating from Japan and Korea, these dramatic looking tropical shrubs have a glossy dark green color and deep lobed leaves. Bonus: they grow year round here!

  • Fern Pine - Podcarpus gracillor

    Fern Pine

    Podocarpus Gracillor

    Originating from Eastern Africa, these plants are described as the “cleanest, most pest-free” trees. They can grow in

    the form of trees or espalier, depending on whether they’re brought about from a seed or a trimming.

  • Fraser's Photinia

    Fraser’s Photinia

    Photinia Fraseri

    Fraser’s Photinia, sometimes referred to as the Birmingham variety, has a deep red and green color. During certain months, you may see delicate white flowers emerge, and clippings are always perfect for floral arrangements.

  • Fuchsia

    Fuchsia Thymifolia

    Originally from Mexico, this species of Fuchsia has become quite popular in Japanese gardens and as bonsai. They produce tiny white and pink flowers that attract hummingbirds and are resistant to gall mites, common pests on Fuchsia plants.