Ponds and Water Features

What’s a garden but an extension of our inner peace? In San Francisco, where space is at a premium, many home and business owners are finding that ponds and water features can provide a lovely and relaxing oasis. Asian landscaping often includes prominently placed ponds or waterfalls, and these can be adapted to almost any landscape.

Ponds can range in size from small containers holding only a few gallons of water to large natural-looking pools set amidst rocks and plantings. Water features can be used indoors or outdoors, and can even be incorporated into fountains or other garden features.

Whether you are looking for a simple way to add some beauty to your yard or wanting to create a tranquil retreat, ponds and water features may be the answer. At Tamate Landscaping we create custom water features that add the personal signature in your landscaping project….

Garden Design: Waterfalls, Stone Walkways and a 1,000 Pound Boulder

We love challenging landscape projects; we must. During a landscape project in Laurel Heights, we moved three large boulders and all the landscaping materials through the owner’s home.

Contemporary Landscape Design: Building Around a Focal Point in Laurel Heights

While Laurel Heights may be known for its classic architecture and refined atmosphere, contemporary landscape design is alive and well here too.

San Francisco Landscaping in Asian Style

Landscaping in San Francisco is often thought of as hilly; however, there are many different ways to style a home’s outdoor setting.

Japanese Hot Tubs: Expanding Your Landscape with a Private Ofuro

What’s an ofuro? What’s the difference between Japanese hot tubs, or soaking tubs, and American? Definition, differences and benefits of having an ofuro as part of your landscaping project. If you’ve always thought a hot tub is just a hot tub, think again. Before adding a bubbly pool of water to the landscape design of your peaceful Japanese garden, take a few moments to read about the ofuro. The Japanese manner of relaxing at the end of the day is as beautiful […]

Current Project 2014: West Portal Custom Front & Rear

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Our first project in 2014 brings us back to West Portal and its a large one for San Francisco Standards. Below is a shot of the rear before construction. We’ll be constructing new fences and sunken patios with contemporary concrete retaining walls that are becoming so popular these days. Also included is a gas fire pit, stainless weir waterfearure, decks, lights and much more.

Completed Project: Noe Valley Makeover 2013

Below is a photo of a rear yard in Noe Valley. We installed the lower deck and fences about 6 months ago and soon we’ll be going back to finish the landscaping. Included in the project will be a patio, stone planters, water feature, spiral stairs, curved bench/pergola, lighting, plants etc.

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