5 Reasons (Plus 1) to Add a Water Feature to Your Landscape

benefits of water features

benefits of water features

A landscape water feature can include elements such as a fountain, stream, or waterfall. The sound of water has a therapeutic effect on many people. It can help reduce a person’s stress levels. Over time, stress reduction may be able to add years to a person’s life – but that’s just one benefit. Here are five other benefits of adding a water feature to any landscape.

Your private Zen garden and landscape can be one of the most important elements of a home’s renovation. One of the main reasons is that a landscape is the first thing that people notice about a home or commercial property.

5 Benefits of Landscape Water Features

1. Water acts as a natural ecosystem. Water also attracts adorable wildlife such as birds, rabbits, and squirrels. Of course there are some birds, like crows, that can be worrisome at times. Many people find themselves spending most of their time on a landscape near a water system if one is installed. They can spend time close to nature without ever having to leave their location. 

2. A water system can also add curb appeal to any commercial property or home. They tend to raise property values. This matters down the line for any home or property owner who decides to sell. On the other hand, a poorly designed feature can lower a property’s value. Its value depends on the design and materials used. A water feature should be able to withstand freezing temperatures and resist rust as well. 

3. A waterfall, fountain, or running stream can reduce the unnatural noise pollution in an environment. Water sounds are soothing and can mask the sounds of a busy street, construction, or noisy neighborhood. Water features can also adapt well to a small yard or commercial land space. In fact, professional landscapers often look for those areas of a property that occupy wasted space. A well-placed installation can turn such areas into an attractive and natural looking focal point. 

4. These water systems also require very little maintenance. This can help reduce, even eliminate, those out-of-pocket expenses. Pools, on the other hand, do require upkeep and vigilant monitoring. There is also little wasted water due to re-circulation.

5. Water features don’t grow a lot of bacteria. A water fountain or stream poses little safety risk to small children or pets. Flowing water also releases negative ions, which can help reduce the impact of air pollution.

A well-placed system can give your landscape one of-a-kind appeal and make your property or home unique. This is especially true when a landscape architect tailors the feature to fit a particular space. Anyone who enjoys the soothing sounds of cascading water and friendly wildlife visitations will appreciate the benefits of installing a landscape water feature.


Water features are a beautiful and serene addition to any landscape. They can be used to add visual interest, provide a focal point, and create a sense of calm. At Tamate landscaping we customize water features to fit any space, and can be made from a variety of materials. Whether you’re looking for a simple fountain or an elaborate waterfall, we can help you create the perfect water feature for your home or commercial property. Contact us today to find out more.


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