San Francisco Plant Directory for Landscaping

These are plants that, from our experience, do well in San Francisco’s unique Mediterranean style micro-climate. This plant directory can help those living in San Francisco or in the Bay Area to search out many different styles of plants that are suitable for any landscaping project. Some plants are native to the San Francisco area while others are non-native but still thrive within the San Francisco area’s climate.

  • Fuchsia

    Fuchsia Thymifolia

    Originally from Mexico, this species of Fuchsia has become quite popular in Japanese gardens and as bonsai. They produce tiny white and pink flowers that attract hummingbirds and are resistant to gall mites, common pests on Fuchsia plants.

  • Heavenly Bamboo - Nandina domestica

    Heavenly Bamboo

    Nandina Domestica

    Despite its name, this plant isn’t bamboo at all. The thin, bony-like stems are reminiscent of them, but are in fact a member of the barberry family. Heavenly Bamboo is a dramatic plant for your landscape, turning from this rich green color, to a bold red hue in the winter season. Clip a few branches off and add them to your home!

  • Hollywood Juniper

    Juniperus Chinensis Torulosa

    There may be more species of the Juniper than any other plant. This particular species lives in the shrub family and is known for its unique, irregular appearance. They attract a plethora of birds and need very little maintenance. Its beautiful foliage adds ageless charm when planted in a traditional landscape or helps highlight modern garden designs.

  • Horsetail Reed Grass

    Equisetum Hyemale

    This species is originally a survivor of the Carboniferous Age in Europe and North America. Horsetail Reed Grass are slender and a beautiful shade of green, giving a “bushy” look reminiscent of a horse’s tail.

  • Japanese Garden Juniper - Juniperus Procumbens Nana

    Japanese Garden Juniper

    Juniperus Procumbens Nana

    In contrast to the Hollywood Juniper, the Japanese Garden Juniper is of the groundcover variety. It’s feather, yet sturdy branches create a low-lying blue and green accent to your landscaping. This popular evergreen shrub features small foliage and slow growth, allowing it to remain the same size for years in any setting. Showcase its curves with pruning or let it reach its natural shape in a perennial bed; either way, this low-maintenance plant will bring beautiful form and texture to your yard while also improving air quality.

  • Japanese Red Maple

    Acer Palmatum Atropurpureum

    Japanese Red Maples do quite well in our moderate San Francisco climate. It’s not hot enough here to burn the delicate leaves, and they don’t dry out from lack of moisture in the earth and air. With simple maintenance, these will be a great addition to your landscaping.

  • Lily of the Nile

    Agapanthum Peter Pan

    Originally from South Africa, these varieties of plants make a happy home in San Francisco landscapes. They combine well with other plants, and attract butterflies. During the warmer spring and summer months, it’s important to keep your Agapanthus plants’ soil moist. As fall arrives, reduce watering but make sure they’re still hydrated – in wintertime stick with near dryness.

  • Maori Maiden or Rainbow Maiden - Phormium

    Maori Maiden or Rainbow Maiden


    The Maori Maiden hails all the way from New Zealand, providing us with an easy to maintain, and colorful landscaping plant. The Maiden version of this perennial has a beautiful salmon-pink color with a slight olive green stripe at its edge. It’s got a lovely arch to it, as well.  This hardy flower has been capturing the admiration of plant lovers around the world for many years due to its stunning array of rainbow-colored petals. It’s an ideal addition to any home garden, as it is capable of thriving in both warm and cool climates.

  • Maori Queen - Rainbow Queen

    Maori Queen or Rainbow Queen


    Are you looking to add a unique and mesmerizing bit of beauty to your garden? One plant that is sure to draw attention — and more than its fair share of admiration — is the Maori Queen or Rainbow Queen. This beautiful shrub sports showy clusters of fragrant, multicolored flowers and feathery gray-green foliage that make it stand out all year long. The Maori Queen is a close relative to its “Maiden” version, but is noticeable smaller in size, with colors cream, coral, and bronze throughout the leaves.

  • Mexican Feather Grass - Stipa Tenuissima

    Mexican Feather Grass

    Stipa Tenuissima

    Virtually every landscape can do with some Mexican Feather Grass gracing it. This feathery looking ornamental grass adds a soft and colorful touch to its environment. Not only does this perennial plant grow in most places, it is drought tolerant which can save you time and effort in caring for it year round. Additionally, its subtle flowering spikes are complemented by soft foliage that sways gracefully with the wind – adding an ethereal feeling to any landscape!