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Tranquil and Sustainable Landscapes that Add Value to Your Home

Tranquil water feature and sauna

Are you looking to create a tranquil and sustainable landscape that both beautifies your home and adds value? You’re in luck – Tamate landscaping has the perfect solution.

Designing Beautiful Landscapes That Last: Noe Valley, San Francisco

Noe Valley garden

When it comes to designing landscapes, Noe Valley in San Francisco is a prime example of how to do it right. With a variety of interesting and beautiful landscapes, Noe Valley has something for everyone.

Caring for Your California-Friendly Plants

Pinus Mugho

The world offers several plants that do well in our microclimates. Similar to our native plants, interesting in their design, and vivid in their colors, we share the benefits of the plants we use for the landscapes we create.

Introducing Sustainable Practices into Your Landscape Maintenance

sustainable landscape design

Adopting these five sustainable landscaping practices makes sure your garden is resilient and thriving.

The Future of Landscape Design: Sustainability Meets Aesthetics

beautiful landscape design

Urban areas are growing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your green space. Learn about the future of landscape design, and how sustainability can still look beautiful

Maintaining Water Features: A Seasonal Guide

Water spray from a fountain

Learn how to keep your water features clean and well-maintained in San Francisco’s microclimates.

Embracing Nature: The Art of Hillside Landscaping

Hillside Landscaping

This article explains the challenges and solutions of hillside landscaping as well as different ideas.

Balancing Beauty: Terraced Garden & Landscaping Designs


This article will explain the art of creating a Terraced Garden and Landscaping Design as well as the benefits of having one.

Hillside Landscaping & Water Features in San Francisco

San Francisco fountain installation with koi pond

Water features such as ponds, fountains, and waterfalls not only add beauty and serenity to your hillside landscaping but also provide practical benefits such as supporting a healthy ecosystem.

Adding a Fire Pit to Your Backyard Retreat

Beautiful warm glow of the fire pit at night at Outer Sunset, San Francisco project.

Have you been thinking of ways to spice up your backyard? A firepit is always a good option. Here’s why.