What Does a San Francisco Landscaper Actually Do?

Asian Arch made of redwood

Landscape professionals are like architects when it comes to creating outdoor scenery. We prove our expertise on projects that include gardens, parks, backyards, squares, and commercial properties. But what does that mean? What does a landscaper do?

Many landscapers have an excellent knowledge of plants as well and often use vegetation in creative designs. We also work with elements that include streams, stones, concrete, wood, iron, steel, and waterfalls. A true landscaping professional is an expert at creating harmonious outdoor spaces – and we’re not just saying that because we are.

In San Francisco, a landscaper may work for a design or architectural firm to create and remodel those beautiful outdoor spaces that add that extra “wow” factor to many structures and buildings. In the case of Tamate Landscaping and others, we have a stand-alone company; it’s what we do, and our only focus.

3 Common Challenges for a San Francisco Landscaper 

San Francisco is a bustling place of close communities, hills, and stressed ground. It has it’s own set of unique challenges that we have to take in to account when designing and creating a landscape.

Maintaining or Building Privacy

Creating a private place for relaxation in Noe Valley

One of the biggest challenges of creating a landscape in San Francisco is to create an environment of privacy without subtracting from the property’s overall look and feel. Do we choose shrubbery and tree options that can take years to grow, or a combination of vines and bamboo that can quickly grow to block a property’s view? Do we use wood or stone for the privacy fence, or a combination of both, such as the landscape project in Noe Valley pictured above?

Avoiding Runoff

The second challenge is figuring out ways to avoid runoff and erosion. Runoff can cause challenges with respect to water pollution and waste water. Harmful pollutants are sometimes found in runoff water; erosion is another concern. There are, of course, some areas that allow runoff due to an inability for soil to absorb water.

Avoiding Erosion

From steep hillside to terraced masterpiece

The slopes and hills of San Francisco and the Bay Area create another challenge: avoiding erosion. Drainage is often the number one factor to consider with challenging terrains. Water and rain can easily erode sand behind a wall facing a hill.

The degree of landscaping difficulty also depends on the angle of the slope. Sometimes, we can solve the slope problems with specific plants, but often a retaining wall and/ fence is used.

An additional approach to tackle hills can be to plant lawn beds as part of the overall design. Artificial turf might also be a solution. If the property allows, we’ve also created terraced levels with stone, plants, or vegetables. (plants and vegetable roots hold the soil together). To maintain the plants or flowers on the hillside, we might add stairs or an irrigation system.

Making Your Part of San Francisco’s Landscape Beautiful

In short, as landscaping professionals, we’re on a mission to help you make your part of San Francisco a paradise. Whatever that means to you, whether it’s a Zen garden, Japanese garden, backyard BBQ space or anything else, we work with you to provide it.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your relaxation space, take the time to peruse our portfolio. As you’ll see, a lot can be done with a property, no matter the size or shape. Contact us to discuss your dream San Francisco landscape!


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