Retaining Walls- Stanford Hts

Understanding the client’s passion for gardening and her desire to make the most of the steep hillside, Tamate Landscaping took on the challenge to create a functional and visually appealing solution. The goal was to maximize the planting space while ensuring easy access between different levels. To achieve this, our team constructed a series of four sturdy retaining walls, effectively terracing the hillside.

The construction of the retaining walls was a meticulous process that involved careful planning and precise execution. We took into account the slope of the hillside, soil conditions, and drainage requirements to ensure the structural integrity and longevity of the walls. Using high-quality materials and employing expert techniques, we created solid and reliable walls that would securely hold the soil in place and create flat surfaces for planting.

To facilitate seamless movement between the terraces, we constructed steps between each level and spiral staircases. These steps were designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, ensuring easy navigation while adding visual interest to the overall landscape. By carefully integrating the steps into the design, we maintained a harmonious flow throughout the terraced area.

Paul Tamate & his crew performed a miracle on our hillside.
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