309 Warren Drive – Backyard Renovation

As a landscape designer, I proposed an innovative design for the backyard renovation near UCSF that seamlessly integrates the surrounding parkland and incorporates silver quartzite flagstone, a goldfish pond, a stone planter, a hot tub, plumbing, lighting, and irrigation.

The design featured a central silver quartzite flagstone patio, providing a durable and visually appealing space for outdoor gatherings and relaxation. Surrounding the patio, native plants and trees will be strategically placed to create a natural transition between the backyard and the adjacent parkland.

A serene goldfish pond was nestled within this greenery, complete with a stone planter housing aquatic plants to enhance the pond’s ecosystem. A small waterfall feature added a sense of tranquility and improve water circulation for the fish.

The hot tub, nestled in a corner of the yard, was surrounded by lush vegetation to create a private, spa-like atmosphere. The hot tub area is easily accessible from the main patio and includes plumbing and lighting for convenience and ambiance.

Efficient LED lighting were integrated throughout the landscape to highlight key features and ensure safety during nighttime use. An environmentally-friendly irrigation system was installed to maintain plant health while conserving water resources.