3036 20th Avenue – Stonestown

Working within the client’s limited budget, we focused on creating a simple yet elegant water feature outside their kitchen window. To achieve this, we designed and built a small bamboo fountain that served as the centerpiece of the installation. The use of bamboo not only added a touch of natural beauty but also helped keep costs down due to its affordability and ease of fabrication.

We sourced an attractive granite basin to serve as the base for the fountain, further enhancing the visual appeal while maintaining a cost-effective approach. This basin was then surrounded by a layer of gravel, which provided a low-maintenance ground cover and complemented the overall aesthetic of the water feature.

To add greenery and create a sense of tranquility, we strategically placed dwarf evergreens around the fountain. These low-growing plants offered year-round color and texture without overshadowing the water feature or requiring excessive maintenance.

By carefully selecting materials, fabricating the bamboo fountain in-house, and incorporating affordable yet visually pleasing elements, we successfully created an inviting and calming water feature for the client to enjoy outside their kitchen window, all within their limited budget.

It was amazing what Mr. Tamate did with the selection and placement of rocks, pebbles and plants.I now look out into a calming, serene, and peaceful Japanese garden through the French door of the breakfast nook. I am very pleased with the work done by Mr. Tamate.
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– Ko T.