2421 Franklin St – Russian Hill

Tamate Landscaping was brought in to complete the final phase of a major renovation project for a two-unit building. The client’s primary goal was to enhance the backyard’s appeal in preparation for sale, with a focus on incorporating a water feature and modern design elements.

  1. Stainless steel waterfall weir: As the focal point of the backyard, we installed a 48-inch stainless steel waterfall weir. This sleek and contemporary water feature added visual interest and a soothing ambiance to the outdoor space, making it more appealing to potential buyers.
  2. Cedar fencing: To provide privacy and define the property boundaries, we constructed a cedar fence around the backyard. The use of cedar not only added a touch of natural beauty but also complemented the modern design theme.
  3. Redwood planter: A custom-built redwood planter was added to the backyard, providing an attractive and functional space for the client to showcase a variety of plants. The choice of redwood for the planter further enhanced the overall aesthetic and tied in well with the cedar fencing.
  4. Limestone patio: To create an inviting area for outdoor seating and entertainment, we installed a limestone patio. The use of limestone added a sense of sophistication and elegance while also providing a durable and low-maintenance surface.
  5. Artificial turf: Lastly, we completed the backyard transformation by laying artificial turf. This low-maintenance landscaping solution offered the appearance of a lush, green lawn without the ongoing upkeep, making.

Paul did an amazing job on our backyard. I have done a few big construction projects and there are only a few people whom I would work with again. Paul is one of them for many reasons...
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Jennifer Quan, July 2012