156 Parker Ave, Laurel Heights

Project Neighborhood: Laurel Heights
Date: March 2016
Duration: 1 month
Landscaping Project: Design and build a contemporary landscape around a custom water feature and client-purchased 1-ton statue as a focal point

In March 2016, Tamate Landscaping found themselves on a challenging project in Laurel Heights, San Francisco. The project? Design and build a contemporary landscape for a peaceful, backyard retreat. The challenge? Move a one-ton statue and a 1,600 pound boulder through a house to the back yard, along with all the other necessary tools and equipment for the project. Read more about this landscaping design and building project.

  1. Before our landscaping project begins
  2. Redwood fence being built with supervisor Dukey surveying the site.
  3. Building the concrete form for the water feature basin
  4. Pouring concrete into the forms for the water feature
  5. 1-ton sculpture being craned into the finished basin
  6. Finished water feature; irrigation equipment is hidden from viewers behind the water feature.
  7. Custom-made gas fire pit with focal point in the background and installed lighting
  8. Gas fire pit with built in seating and installed stair lighting in the background
  9. 1,600 pound turquoise boulder for additional seating
  10. Stainless cable safety railing on the redwood deck
  11. Finished deck stairs with stair lighting installed
  12. Bar-b-que area with gas line stub out and articulation light fixture to illuminate cooking
  13. Black basalt patio with 2nd turquoise boulder in the back ground
  14. Closeup of finished water feature, showing the rippling effect of the water and under lighting.
  15. View of finished landscaping project from the bar-b-que area.
  16. View of finished landscaping project from the rear.
  17. View of finished landscaping project from the bar-b-que area, with the dog approving the renovations.

Not only did we carry it off without a hitch, the final effect turned out even better than we’d envisioned! The underwater lighting and rippling water really shows off the natural rock sculpture. The redwood fence, seating and deck is a strong contrast to the black basalt patio and dark water features.

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