How to Choose the Right Fish for Your Japanese Koi Pond

Water features are a common addition to most Japanese garden designs, whether that water feature is a trickling fountain, a tiny stream, or a mini Japanese Koi pond. As one of the five elements, water represents the flowing, fluid things in nature and constant renewal. It’s part of Onmyōdō: the Yin to stone’s Yang, creating a balanced landscape.

The Case for Annuals – Why “Once a Year” Isn’t a Waste

When you think “garden”, a lot of people think of something that blooms all year round, and several years in a row. Many think of lovingly tending to this plant or that bush and watching it grow. In other words, perennials, of one sort or another. You may, in fact, be a plant snob, who wouldn’t even think about planting one of those single year plants like those less knowing hayseeds that just plant any old thing.  Of course, in […]

The Number One Secret Behind Japanese Garden Design

What is it that makes Japanese gardens seem so peaceful and serene? Is it the delicate flowers? The small, yet stately boulders? The obligatory stone lanterns? Or is it something more? In Japanese garden design, you have to take several things into account. What flowers would grow best, how to lay it out so the minds’ eye flows from place to place, water feature or no water feature. -But the number one thing that makes the most difference is enclosure. […]

Landscaping for Hilly Backyards: Bernal Heights

One of the great things about San Francisco is the hills, because it allows a whole slew of people a panoramic city view. A flat street limits the view. However, it also makes hilly backyards a challenge for any landscaping project.

Curb Appeal and Backyard Landscapes: Dogpatch, San Francisco

Backyards in Dogpatch have a lot of potential when it comes to curb appeal and landscaping. The mix of old warehouses, apartment buildings, and homes creates a microclimate that is perfect for certain plants and trees. Adding a few well-placed trees and bushes can create a beautiful oasis in the middle of the city. If you have the space, you could even add a small pond or fountain. Backyard landscaping is a great way to increase your home’s value and […]

Designing Beautiful Landscapes That Last: Noe Valley, San Francisco

Over the past 32 years since Tamate Landscaping first opened its doors, we’ve designed and built hundreds of gardens. We’ve built Japanese gardens and koi ponds, Tiki bar-type outdoor lounge areas and backyard landscapes with sports motifs. But no matter what the design is, the size of the space or the needs of the client, the best landscapes are those with the right plants for the area. For San Francisco, “the right area” could be the next neighbor over from […]

Native and Exotic Plants for Your Next San Francisco Landscape Project

As a San Francisco landscape contractor, we’re often asked which plants are best for our Mediterranean climate, cool winds and foggy skies. There is a huge array of potted plants, flowering shrubs and large trees that do well in our backyards.  Today, we’ll cover just a few of them that would flourish here. Whether you’re in North Beach, Visitacion Valley, Parkmerced, Outer Richmond or anywhere in between, there’s a plant for you.

5 Elements Used in Japanese Gardens

Not everyone can have a Japanese Tea Garden outside of their home, with its Drum Bridge and five elemental stone lanterns. -And the Hayward Japanese Gardens in the Bay Area may be small (only a measly 1.2 acres), but they’re still bigger than most home lots in San Francisco. San Mateo’s Japanese Garden is modest, but still, its miniature landscape would overflow from your backyard into the streets of Glenn Park. Many are fascinated by Japanese gardens such as those […]

Parkside SF Home Landscaping Project Goes Low Key

In November 2018, a new outdoor living space landscaping project, took us to the Parkside neighborhood of San Francisco.

Small Landscaping Project in Ingleside Heights Brings Large Rewards

We’ve done our share of huge landscape projects. One of the ones that comes immediately to mind is hauling a 1,000 pound boulder through the client’s house as part of a water feature. But not all projects have to be large, involved or elaborate as this one. Small landscaping projects can bring just as much beauty to a yard as large ones, like it did with this project in Ingleside Heights.