Completed Projects: Deck & Stairs Replacement

Finished Wooden Stairs

August 20th, 2012.  This project brings us to the Ingleside district of San Francisco where Tamate Landscaping will be replacing a deck and stairs. The client wanted building permits so our architect/engineer has been working on plans and navigating the complex bureaucracy of The San Francisco Department of Building Inspection. It took approximately 5 weeks from when we were hired to the start of the deck project-anybody who has tried to get a deck permit would know how amazingly quick that is.

Staircase before photo

Project Update: August 24, 2012, end of day 4, the forms for the post footings are installed and concrete poured.

Staircase Post Footing II

Staircase Post Footing

This larger footing is what secures the stairs to the ground.

Staircase Footing

Stairs stringers are cut and secured to footing and deck joists.

Staircase Stringers

Building a simple deck in San Francisco can become a complex project due to  San Francisco Department of Building Inspections abundant codes, requirements and restriction.  One of these requirements for this particular project is having to build a 1 hour fire wall since the deck abuts the property line.   Here you see the fire wall in construction.  It’s basically a wall with 2×4″ framing with a layer on both sides of fire resistant sheetrock and another layer of cement board.

Staircase Construction

Project Update:  August 31, 2012 Project Complete.  Final DBI inspection signed off.

Completed Staircase


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  1. ABS Wood says:

    Great work! The deck and stairway constructed are looking great.

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