6 Clues That Fence Replacement Should Be Part Of Your Backyard Redesign

Before Updates

Before Updates

A beautiful fence can add additional value to a backyard. It can also be quite functional and very decorative for any outdoor living space.

However, the type of fence you choose depends on a number of elements. Several include a home’s location and an attractive border that defines properly lines. The following six elements can serve as clues that it may be time to replace your fence when considering backyard landscaping.

Does Your Backyard Fence Need an Upgrade?

1. Obviously, you care about aesthetics or a backyard design would not be at the top of your list. With a beautifully designed fence, you can take your creative design urges to the next level. Designs can include everything from wood and iron, to wire, zigzag post, rail, and elaborate molded vinyl. 

2. If you have pets, or are thinking of adding new pet family members, a fence can add completion to an open landscape. Pet owners know how upsetting it can be to lose a beloved family pet. A fence enables pets to play and roam freely throughout the backyard. Of course, exercise promotes health for both pets and humans. 

3. If you feel that it is time for more backyard privacy, a fence could be the perfect solution. Privacy is important, and something that neighbors can certainly understand and agree with. A fence can offer privacy without having to cover a home’s interior glass or install specific window treatments. 

4. Increased security from a new fence installation can also help prevent trespassing. A backyard pool without a fence is susceptible to infringements. Your fence can also block yard fixtures from plain sight. 

5. With children, playtime is an essential part of their childhood. However, young children can be quite curious and wander if given the opportunity. This can be both scary and dangerous. An upgraded fenced can help prevent any worry and concern for your children’s safety. 

6. Of course, one of the biggest reasons to consider a fence replacement is for added value and appeal to your property. If you’re planning on moving, a new fence can also increase the home’s value. 

Fence replacement value can depend on its height, length, material, and decorative elements. A new fence can offer up to at least a return of 50 percent. 

Choosing the Right Landscaping Company 

If you are a resident of the San Jose, San Francisco, or Bay Area and looking to enhance your backyard landscape design, there are several things to look for in a reliable company: 

  • A reliable landscaping company will be honest about how much landscaping you need. From full-service to small sections, they can help determine where to place shrubs, flowers, greenery, or fences.
  • They can also show proof of bonding and insurance. Insurance and bonding help safeguard your home and crews performing work while on the property.
  • A professional landscaping company can also suggest ways to enhance your backyard for spring, summer, and autumn. They know how to maximize the use of backyard space for a family’s safety and enjoyment.
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