Installing Japanese Style Hot Tubs in the San Francisco Bay Area

Tamate Landscaping specializes in installing Japanese style hot tubs and ofuros. We prefer to use Roberts Hot Tubs as our trusted partner in creating restful soaking areas where our landscape designs can be enjoyed in comfort.

Examples of Japanese style hot tubs, from the Tamate Landscaping project vault:

  1. Saint Francis Woods – Getting ready to drop the cedar tub into a pit that we installed.  We also installed pavers and concrete retaining walls so the tub can sit flush with the pavers.
  2. Saint Francis Woods – Viewed from the lower level.  The hot tub equipment is hidden in the back ground behind the screen we installed.
  3. Saint Francis Woods – Viewed from the top with a custom cedar roll cover.
  4. Bernal Heights – We dug a pit, shored it up and dropped this cedar tub in.  The client wanted the tub somewhat below grade.  Here we are craning it in.
  5. Bernal Heights – Once the hot tub was in, we proceeded to build a TREX deck around the tub.
  6. Bernal Heights – Here, the tub is fully installed. The hot tub equipment is hidden behind the redwood screen.  We also did all the stone work, lighting etc.
  7. Castro – We installed Japanese style hot tub made of Western red cedar. The tub was is free standing, with steps to the top. Landscaping to be done by another outfit.
  8. Noe Valley – This is a teak tub that Paul and his crew are installing on a roof top.  Teak tubs costs more but will last much longer.
  9. Noe Valley – Another view of the Japanese style tub made of teak. Note the flooring of the roof; roof units must be installed on an engineered roof that will handle the weight of all the water in the tub.
  10. Noe Valley – Here, Paul is sanding down the rim and getting ready to use a router to put a fine curve on the edge.
  11. Castro – This is another example of a free standing teak unit.  In this case, the client wanted to plumbing exposed on the sides to give it kind of an industrial look.

As you can see, Japanese style hot tubs differ from the Western style. While many hot tubs are more wide than deep, those built in the Japanese style are more deep than wide, so as to submerse the person from the top of the shoulder down. The Western style hot tubs also have amenities such as filtration systems, heating components and jets. Hot tubs built in the Japanese style offer the benefits of the ofuros, but with all the technical pluses of the Western style tubs.

There are many benefits to using a hot tub: pain relief, muscle relaxation and increased mobility are just a few. Having a Japanese style hot tub, built out of wood instead of other more modern materials, provides additional benefits however. As the wood heats from the water, it begins to secrete beneficial oils that can help soothe the body and act as stress-reducing aromatherapy.

If you’re not sure which style would best suit your needs, landscape and budget, contact us for a free consultation. We’ll work with you to give you the landscape of your dreams.