76 Castro Street – Backyard Landscaping Project

We love challenging landscape projects, like moving one-ton boulders up flights of stairs.

Project Neighborhood: Duboce Triangle
Date: October 2016
Duration: 1 month
Landscaping Project: Design and build a stone garden landscape and waterfall around two maple trees

Duboce Triangle is a walker’s paradise, according to some of the “rate this neighborhood” sites, but the backyard at 76 Castro Street wasn’t a paradise to the owners. They wanted a complete overhaul, replacing old wood slats and broken tiles. It was challenging, but nothing was more challenging than getting a 1,000 pound boulder up the stairs and into the garden, to become the foundation of a cascading waterfall.

1. backyard before the project begins

2. installation of steel plate which we sent out to get bent into a concave shape by a huge hydraulic press

3. getting this 1000# boulder up the stairs using a power climbing dolly

4. craning boulder in place

5. after the landscape project is over

6. after, showing the recirculating cascade

7. basalt bridge spanning a dry creek

8. night shot, showing landscaping lighting

9. another night shot

10. final night shot of the finished landscape project