436 Day Street – Upper Noe Valley

The clients’ unique property in Noe Valley presented an exciting opportunity to create a stunning outdoor space that would enhance the overall aesthetic of their home. With the house set back behind the garage and yard, our primary goal was to design and execute a landscape transformation that would both improve functionality and evoke a Japanese-style atmosphere.

  1. Fence and gate installation: We began by installing a new fence and gate at the entrance, providing privacy and a clear delineation of the property boundaries. The design and materials chosen for the fence and gate were carefully selected to complement the desired Japanese style.
  2. Driveway renovation: To further enhance the property’s curb appeal, we replaced the existing driveway with a weathered-looking surface, which added character and charm while also improving durability and functionality.
  3. Pathway installation: We created a pathway leading from the driveway to the house, using materials and design elements that tied in with the Japanese theme. This provided a welcoming and visually pleasing approach to the home while also improving accessibility for the residents and their guests.
  4. Plant selection and placement: To achieve the desired Japanese-style atmosphere, we carefully selected a variety of plants, including traditional Japanese garden staples such as maples, bamboo, and azaleas. We strategically placed these plants throughout the yard to create a harmonious and tranquil environment that evoked the essence of a Japanese garden.
  5. Additional design elements: We incorporated other elements commonly found in Japanese gardens, such as stone lanterns, water features, and carefully placed rocks, to further enhance the overall theme and ambiance of the outdoor space.

By meticulously planning and executing each aspect of the project, we successfully transformed the clients’ unique property into a serene and inviting Japanese-inspired oasis, significantly improving the home’s aesthetic appeal and providing a relaxing retreat for the homeowners to enjoy.