433 Kirkham Street – Sunset District

In situations where we must rectify the mistakes of others, it is crucial to approach the task with diligence and expertise. In this case, a poorly constructed koi pond required our intervention. The shallow depth of the pond left the koi exposed to predators like raccoons, and the subpar filtration system led to unsanitary water conditions.

To address these issues, we first focused on saving the fish by carefully transferring them to a temporary holding tank with their existing water to minimize stress. This allowed us to maintain their well-being while we set out to construct a new, improved pond.

Our new design incorporated a deeper pond, providing the koi with adequate protection from predators. We also installed a high-quality filtration system to ensure clean water and a healthy environment for the fish. Additionally, we added features such as shaded areas and aquatic plants to further enhance the pond’s aesthetics and functionality.

Once the new pond was completed, we gradually reintroduced the koi to their upgraded habitat, closely monitoring their health and behavior during the acclimation process. By meticulously addressing the initial construction flaws, we successfully created a safe and thriving environment for the koi, transforming the backyard into a beautiful and serene space for both the fish and the homeowners to enjoy.

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–Jeffrey & Jeffery October 2001