2825 34th Ave – Curb Appeal

For this curb appeal project, our goal was to create a landscape design that harmoniously complemented the client’s beautiful “Tudor” style home and enhanced the overall aesthetics of the property.

  1. Creating two levels with short concrete walls: We began by constructing short concrete walls to divide the yard into two distinct levels, adding a sense of depth and dimension to the space. This design choice not only provided visual interest but also allowed us to better utilize the available area for various landscape elements.
  2. Stone veneer and matching steps: To further enhance the appearance of the concrete walls, we added a stone veneer to their face and top, tying in with the Tudor style of the home. We also resurfaced the existing steps with matching stone to create a cohesive look throughout the property.
  3. Slate front runway: In addition to the stone veneer and steps, we laid slate on the front runway, providing a durable and attractive surface that connected the home’s entrance with the street.
  4. Iron safety rail replacement: We replaced the old iron safety rail with a new, stylish one that not only improved safety but also complemented the home’s architecture and landscape design.
  5. Lighting installation: To highlight the various landscape features and ensure safe navigation during nighttime hours, we installed outdoor lighting, including lights on the steps. This added both functionality and ambiance to the property.
  6. Plant selection and irrigation system: Finally, we carefully selected plants that complemented the Tudor style and thrived in the local climate. We then installed an efficient irrigation system to ensure proper watering and maintenance of the greenery.

By combining these elements, we successfully created a landscape design that accentuated the client’s Tudor-style home and tied the entire property together, significantly enhancing its curb appeal.