2734 Diamond Street – Curb Appeal and Deck Install

Project Neighborhood: Glen Park
Date: January 2017
Duration: 2 weeks
Landscaping Project: Provide an inviting entrance to the home and a relaxing area for the back

1. The before picture of the front entrance. The client wanted a front makeover that would provide an inviting entrance, with curb appeal that would accentuate her home. The existing steel gate was very ugly, and couldn’t be buzzed open from the house. It had to be opened with a key.

2. We demolished the stairs and gutted almost everything. The exception were brick planters on the side; she wanted to preserve those to match some of the brick veneer already on the house.

3. This is the finished view from the street. We installed black basalt steps with inset brass plated step lights. A contemporary horizontal bar iron fence was also installed.

4. The new fence has a programmable keypad for easy entry, and the gate can be buzzed from inside.

5. The client’s simple entrance is now a tranquil courtyard. We designed a simple water feature that provides serene background sound to drown out the street noise. Pavers, lights and a few plants further compliment the small inner courtyard, both beautifying and further shutting out the busy world outside.

6. In the rear parking area is a cramped spot for minimal parking and recreation. The deck, where one is supposed to relax, is deteriorating, as are the wooden panels behind the deck.

7. We expanded the parking area and installed interlocking pavers from McNear Brick and Block. Keeping the plants growing over the wall helped tie in the elements of the parking area, as well as giving that extra bit of “garden” feel.

8. We also rebuilt the deck. The client now has a brand new redwood deck, complete with built in seating and pergola. A stainless cable safety railing system gives a sense of security without ruining the ascetics of the landscape.