2042 Leavenworth – North Beach

The client entrusted us with a detailed landscape plan for a terraced backyard garden, meticulously designed by a professional landscape architect. Our goal was to execute the plan to specification, ensuring that the end result met the client’s expectations and adhered to the architect’s vision.

Our first task was to construct three retaining walls, each serving as the foundation for the different terrace levels. These walls were built using high-quality materials and following proper engineering practices to ensure their stability and longevity. The terraced design not only provided visual interest but also effectively managed the sloping terrain, optimizing the use of available space.

Next, we installed a state-of-the-art irrigation system tailored to the specific needs of the plants and landscape features in each terrace. This ensured efficient water usage and optimal plant health, while also reducing maintenance requirements for the client.

In addition to the irrigation system, we incorporated a well-designed lighting system throughout the garden. This not only enhanced the beauty and ambiance of the outdoor space but also provided added safety and functionality for nighttime enjoyment.

By carefully executing the landscape architect’s plan, we successfully transformed the client’s backyard into a stunning terraced garden, complete with robust retaining walls, efficient irrigation, and elegant lighting. The end result was a visually striking and functional outdoor space that the client could enjoy for years to come.

Paul, we would by happy to act as references for you going forward. We feel we can speak very knowledgeable about your ability to install an unusual hardscape design requiring a fair amount of precision in execution.
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– Lori R. July 2001