San Francisco Plant Directory for Landscaping

These are plants that, from our experience, do well in San Francisco’s unique Mediterranean style micro-climate. This plant directory can help those living in San Francisco or in the Bay Area to search out many different styles of plants that are suitable for any landscaping project. Some plants are native to the San Francisco area while others are non-native but still thrive within the San Francisco area’s climate.

  • Mondo Grass - Ophiopogon japonicus

    Mondo Grass

    Ophiopogon Japonicus

    The Mondo Grass is a perennial that does quite well as ground cover, anywhere from pathways to rock gardens. If you’re looking for a low maintenance, easy to care for plant that adds texture and visual interest to your garden or home? Consider giving mondo grass a try! A versatile, clumping evergreen perennial in the lily family, mondo grass is perfect for gardeners of all levels. Hardy and drought tolerant, it can effortlessly add color and boldness to any landscape without requiring too much attention.

  • Pinus Mugho

    Mugo Pine

    Pinus Mugho

    This beautiful evergreen with dark green needles originates from central and southern Europe.  The dwarf version is found in many Japanese rock gardens amongst boulders and similar size plants. 

  • Pink Electric Cordyline

    Cordyline or Dracaena

    It’s hard to pin down a perfect name to describe these woody plants, but they are most definitely pink. Hybrids of the Cordyline family, the pink varietal feature a bright pink edge with a dark maroon center. If you’re looking for an eye-catching and low-maintenance plant to add instant color and beauty to your San Francisco home, then look no further than the stunning Pink Electric Cordyline.

  • Pink Jasmine

    Jasminum Polyanthum

    Have you ever wanted a vibrant and fragrant pop of color in your backyard? Pink Jasmine might just be the perfect solution to adding a burst of beauty and aroma to your garden! This long-blooming, showy evergreen is an excellent addition to any outdoor setting, particularly those that feature an Asian-inspired landscape. Pink Jasmine, a variety from China, is a hearty vine with dark green leaves and delicate pink flowers. They strong fragrance is hard to resist and can be used in containers, hanging baskets, or as groundcover.

  • Safari Sunset/Flame tip - Leucadendron Safari Sunset

    Safari Sunset or Flame Tip


    The Safari Sunset can hardly be called a “shrub” but we will, anyway. This vigorously upright plant can grow several feet tall and wide, and is known for it’s incredibly red flowers that fade to yellow in the center during colder months. If you’re looking for an exotic and vibrant landscape for your San Francisco home? Then look no further than Safari Sunset or Flame Tip plants! These beautiful Asian natives are a popular choice among plant lovers that are looking to add some incredible color and texture to their outdoor space.

  • Trailing Lantana

    Lantana Montevidensis

    This shrub is a colorful ground covering and lives happily in San Francisco landscaping climates. They have a long season and light frosts merely keep their growth in check. You’ll also find birds and butterflies around them. This wonderful and versatile plant can compliment any San Francisco homeowner’s landscaping project, as well as provide a beautiful Asian look for those who love an exotic touch of design. Trailing varieties also offer some support in preventing erosion… how helpful!

  • Cedars Atlantica Glauca Pendula

    Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar

    Cedrus Atlantica Glauca Pendula

    The blue Atlas cedar will be the showcase of your landscape.  It is an evergreen with blue short needles and weeping branches.  This slow grower is often trained to grow upright, sometimes into a serpentine form.  It is a stunner.