Thank you for your interest in Tamate Landscaping. Paul Tamate has retired. Although we aren't taking new clients at this time, you can still see our projects, get information about landscaping for San Francisco on our blog, and learn more about our services.

135 Elsie St

Paul would like to take credit for this design, but the client designed this one. Over the years, the client collected manhole covers from his work at a utility company and creatively used it in the design of his backyard. Paul and his team executed the client’s design, including installing retaining walls, blue-stone pavers, and IPE (ironwood) deck, lighting, irrigation, & planting service. Paul used a biscuit joiner to fasten the decking – notice there are no surface nails or screw holes. Cutting circles in the blue-stone was a big challenge. Client was an architect by trade, keeping Paul and his team on their toes.