Thank you for your interest in Tamate Landscaping. Paul Tamate has retired. Although we aren't taking new clients at this time, you can still see our projects, get information about landscaping for San Francisco on our blog, and learn more about our services.

Water Features for Gardens

The Timelessness of Landscaping with Ponds, Waterfalls & Fountains

We specialize in creating unique, beautiful water features for gardens. Whether your wish is to create an Asian-themed or Western-style garden, Tamate Landscaping constructs and installs one-of-a-kind fountains, ponds and gardens for a range of spaces, dimensions, and budgets and can help you create your own “secret garden”.

Examples of Landscaping: Water Features for Gardens in San Francisco.

“The client wanted an Asian-style garden centered on a koi pond. Crystal clear water was a must…” Tamate Landscape worked with this client and their space – a dry patch of yellowing grass surrounded by trees – to transform it into a refuge of classic Asian gentility, while utilizing 21st-century technology to maintain its pristine appearance.

Paul Tamate’s crew replaced the existing dull, plywood deck with a custom built redwood one, which seamlessly leads the owners and their guests to a stone pathway that parallels the koi pond they installed.  The crew installed a state-of-the-art biological filtration system which keeps the koi pond clear and brilliant and makes maintenance exceedingly easy to manage.

Paul’s place showcases what can be done with a very limited space.  To expand the yard, Paul’s crew excavated 5’ into the hillside, which required constructing a retaining wall.  The team then created a 2000 gallon koi pond, complete with a two-stage, vortex and bio-filtration filtration system (which minimizes the pond’s maintenance), installed a four-person cedar dry sauna, and draped the space in stonework and unobtrusive lighting features.

Your secret garden is a click away. Contact Tamate Landscaping to discuss landscape water features for your garden to be the perfect, peaceful get-away.