Three Weeks to a Beautiful Backyard Landscape

Early October 2017 took the Tamate Landscaping team to the picturesque streetscapes of Glen Park, San Francisco. The house at 226 Fairmount Street needed a major backyard landscape overhaul. The […]

Garden Design: Waterfalls, Stone Walkways and a 1,000 Pound Boulder

  We love challenging landscape projects; we must. During a landscape project in Laurel Heights, we moved three large boulders and all the landscaping materials through the owner’s home. This time, […]

Contemporary Landscape Design: Building Around a Focal Point in Laurel Heights

Laurel Heights is a neighborhood in sunny San Francisco that shows a bit of the wide variety the whole city holds. It’s sometimes called the “model suburb”. This beautiful area […]

Retaining Walls in San Francisco? Watch Closely When El Niño Starts Up Again

When El Nino hit this year, you may have been looking forward to it. After all, it’s rain – albeit a lot of it – on ground that badly needs […]

Three Major San Francisco Landscaping Trends for 2016

We have emerged from our former year into a new one. 2016 is finally here, along with some major San Francisco landscaping trends. Each new year we make plans to […]

Yes, San Francisco, Beautiful, Small Yard Landscaping Designs ARE Possible

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San Francisco has its share of tiny terrain. Take Bernal Heights, for instance; you barely step out of your back door before you reach the end of the yard. Small […]

San Francisco Landscaping in Asian Style

In October of 2014, the San Francisco landscape was parched. California struggled under an intense heat wave. Los Angeles reached 92 degrees by noon. The LAUS school district cancelled all […]

Retaining Walls: 3 Types to Hold Back Those California Hills

In the landscaping world, retaining walls have the major purpose of providing stability to the earth, preventing erosion and the movement of soil. With San Francisco’s hilly grounds, retaining walls […]

Backyard Landscaping: Private Sports Yard in the Sunset

Once upon a time, the Sunset District of San Francisco, California was known as the “Outside Lands”. Instead of homes and people, it was coastal scrub land full of sand […]

Update Your Back Yard

Noe Valley, also known as Stroller Town by some, is an upscale neighborhood in central San Francisco. Wide sidewalks, its own strips of shops, and an eclectic style of homes […]